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How We Make a Difference

Be the Change You Want to See

Vision Statement: At ‘Kings Amongst Kings,’ we envision a future where Black and Brown men stand as pillars of strength, resilience, and empowerment within their communities.


Mission Statement: At Kings Amongst Kings, our mission is to empower Black men on their journey towards holistic wellness. We are committed to addressing the often-overlooked aspects of mental health, financial stability, and physical wellbeing.


Main Initiatives: We envision a vibrant community of like-minded Kings who are committed to investing in each other’s success.


“Kings of all ages are welcome

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What We Have Done! 

Over the last 2 years, we have expanded from the copad in Mattapan to our recent home at Chase Bank community space. Our intergenerational community of Kings allows us to provide leadership, guidance, and opportunity for black men. We received grants from Chase Bank, Black Male Advancement, and Cummings Foundation.

Kings Amongst Kings logo
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