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February 17, 2022 (David A. Johnson: Mindset & Direction)
Our 1st annual Banquette

Kings Impactful Works

The impactful work KAK has accomplished:


In the past three years, our nonprofit has made significant strides in creating a supportive and safe space for Black and Brown men to thrive. Through collaborative efforts and the leveraging of our resources and relationships, we’ve turned dreams into reality.


We’ve helped Black men launch their careers by providing valuable connections to job opportunities. Moreover, we’ve assisted others in the process of establishing their own businesses, guiding them through registering their LLCs with the state, crafting articles of incorporation, opening retail storefronts, securing business offices, leasing commercial real estate, acquiring investment properties, and more.


Our philosophy is built on the belief that ‘you can’t do what you don’t know,’ and we’re convinced that anyone is just one connection away from achieving their goals. That’s why we’ve introduced the BAIL program (Banker, Accountant, Insurance broker, Lawyer) to our members. We firmly believe that with the right mindset, strong relationships, and the execution of expert advice, anyone can accomplish anything.


Our impact extends beyond words, as we’ve witnessed remarkable transformations in the lives of numerous Black men we’ve had the privilege to work with. By fostering a culture of growth, support, and empowerment, we’re helping them reach new heights and achieve their dreams.

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